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Frequently asked questions

let us explain it a little better
What is the difference between a skid and a pallet?
A skid and pallet are two names for the exact same thing. At Skids.com, we specialize in selling all the skids for your varying needs. A skid by any other name (like pallet) is just as useful!
What is the difference between a 2-way skid and a 4-way skid?
Great question! A 2-way skid can only be entered into with a forklift through 2 ends, while a forklift can enter a 4-way skid from all sides.
How much weight can a skid hold?
Although this is a common question we receive, it’s hard to answer. Ultimately, the weight a skid can hold is totally determined by its size and original design.
What is the difference between a combo skid, a remanufactured skid, and a recycled skid?
There are definite differences between each of these three skid types:
  • Combo skids are comprised of a combination of new and recycled components.
  • A remanufactured skid is totally comprised of recycled components.
  • A recycled skid is a repaired skid.
What is the most popular size skid that Skids.com offers?
While we sell skids of all shapes and sizes, the 48×40 4-way is, by far, the most popular size skid.
What is the correct way to pronounce a skid size?
The stringer length comes first and the deck board length second. So, a pallet with 48” stringers and 40” deck boards would be pronounced 48×40. To learn more, see our page detailing the anatomy of a skid.
How large of a geographic area does Skids.com sell to?
Skids.com sells and ships pallets across the contiguous United States. No matter where you’re at, we’ll send a skid direct to you!
Does Skids.com provide services ?
Yes! In addition to selling pallets, Skids.com also provides total management programs. Place one order, and we’ll manage the rest!
Do I need a minimum order from Skids.com?
There is never a minimum order for your skids. Order just one, or have a recurring order for hundreds - we’ll be able to provide them to you all the same!