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The Brief History of the Skid

In today’s modern society, we take for granted the strength, sustainability, and versatility of the modern skid. But what many people don’t understand is how this vital tool got it’s start. Just how did the skid become commonplace in so many worksites in America?

Before the double-faced skid became commonplace in the American workplace, many skids were bulky and difficult to operate. These skids had wood decks and steel or iron legs, without a whole lot of support in the center. So how did they move around? Skids were moved around with a lift truck and platform – a far cry from the forks that are used to move skids around today!

Modern skids saw their first action as a result of the Second World War. By this time, skids had improved to include a center stringer, adding strength and durability. Skids were commonly used in the Pacific Theater, to haul supplies across contested beaches during battle. With this test, it was only a matter of time before the technology came home, to be utilized as a modern building block.

Today’s skids are stronger, lighter, and much more versatile than those that came before it – thanks to technology and innovation tried and true. Now, it’s time to let your imagination run wild on all the things you can do with a skid – ingenuity is the American Way, after all! Do you have a great skid-based project that came from history? Send us a line and let us know!